Do It Yourself Successfully Stretching Your Own Canvas

Do It Yourself Successfully Stretching Your Own Canvas

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Not having been in the military, I really dont know if ones bed needs to be made so tightly and well that a quarter can be bounced atop it, but being married to a fine artist, Steve Henderson, I do know that a stretched canvas needs to be taut, but not too much so.

Stretching your own canvas is a step by step process that takes
thought, care, practice, and finesse, but its well worth learning
how to do.
Gathering Thoughts original oil painting by Steve Henderson, 36 x 30.

Getting it just right, as with any endeavor we undertake, involves time, practice, a bit of frustration, and a whole lot of perseverance. Steve, who has been building his own stretcher bar frames and stretching his own canvas for many, many years, has created a free video of the process, Stretching Canvas: The Tools, the Methods, the Know-How.

This video is the fourth in a series on how to create and stretch your own canvases, so you might want to check out the whole series and corresponding videos:

Some of you, I realize, may want to do just the canvas stretching part, purchasing pre-made stretcher bar frames from a quality art source, but its worth watching the process and getting a comprehensive feel for the structure that holds up your oil painting. You may surprise yourself, and find that you want to own the project, from start to finish!

With that being said, lets go stretch some canvas!


Watch the video: How to Make a Canvas Stretcher Frame, And How to Mount The Canvas (August 2022).