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Great Acrylic Painting Techniques With Chris Cozen

Great Acrylic Painting Techniques With Chris Cozen

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Chris Cozen is a not only a great artist, but a great instructor, too! See how she creates great abstract acrylic paintings with a lot of acrylic painting techniques that are so easy to do yourself, you’ll be blown away. My guess is that you won’t get through all the previews before your fingers are itching to hold a brush and try some of the techniques she walks you through. And if you think the previews are great, just imagine what the entire videos each hold? You can learn the top ten acrylic painting techniques she employs, glazing techniques, and all about painting color and creating texture and value.

The best part is that everyone can learn something from these videos, whether you’re picking up your paintbrush for the first time or you’ve been painting since cave art was all the rage. And you’ll learn exactly what she means when she says you should give your painting “a quick kiss!” (Spoiler alert: it isn’t with your lips.)

You can preview the following acrylic painting videos from Chris Cozen:
Top 10 Acrylic Painting Techniques:

Stream Chris Cozen’s Top 10 Acrylic Painting Techniques here
Prefer to own the DVD? Get it here or download it, instead.

Glazing Techniques:

Stream Chris’s Acrylic Glazing Techniques here, get the DVD or download it.

Acrylic Painting: Color, Texture and Value:

Stream Acrylic Painting: Color, Texture and Value here, get the DVD or download it.

And if you like your instruction written out, with a ton of great pictures, in a book that lies flat when you open it on your work table, check out Acrylic Solutions, where Chris partnered with longtime teaching partner Julie Prichard, to bring you the best of their combined knowledge and step-by-step instruction. Can’t wait and want the digital edition? You got it.

You can also get bonus instruction and wallpapers from the book at

About the Artist

Chris Cozen is a member of the Working Artist Program for Golden Artist Colors, Inc. With a background in education, Chris teaches workshops and classes to artists with a full range of experience. Visit her website for more information.

Watch the video: Preview. Acrylic Painting Techniques: Exploring Surfaces with Chris Cozen (August 2022).