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Get your art published

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Ever wonder how artists get into magazines like ours? We’re revealing how the publishing industry works in our live, online seminar, Get Published: How the Industry Works How You Can Make an Impression. You’ll learn:

  • How publishers and editors discover artists
  • What you can do to get noticed
  • How to pitch an idea
  • What editors expect
  • How an article or book evolves
  • How to work with book and magazine editors

Mark your calendars now for the live session at 1 p.m. Wednesday, May 27. Everyone
who registers for this event will receive, in addition to a download of
the seminar, submission guidelines for Magazine, North Light Books, The Pastel Journal and Watercolor Artist.

An online workshop—also called a “webinar”—is a lot like a live workshop
or seminar, only it takes place over the Internet. That means you can
“attend” the workshop from the comfort of home. All you need a computer
and a broadband Internet connection—no special computer skills required.

just log in at the special URL provided when you register, then listen
and follow along as the presenter shares helpful tips and advice on the
workshop topic. As you listen, you can pose questions for the presenter
to answer during the QA segment of the workshop. A “host” will
also be available to help if you encounter any technical issues.

Visit our Online Seminars page to learn more and reserve your spot!

Watch the video: How to get your Art Noticed on Social Media (August 2022).