Watercolor: James Toogoods Mixed Emotions

Watercolor: James Toogoods Mixed Emotions

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In the spring 2008 issue of Watercolor magazine, James Toogood discussed how painting with watercolor requires an understanding of not only the paints themselves but also their application. Here, we present his demonstration Mixed Emotions.

Step 5
I continued to develop even more color, value, and detail as the painting neared completion. I then made the final adjustments.
Mixed Emotions
2007, watercolor, 22 x 30. Collection the artist.

The scene is 50th Street and Broadway in midtown Manhattan, a location that is usually a frenzy of activity. I eliminated the people from the composition so I could focus on the cacophony of color, light, shape, and texture of the buildings.

Read James Toogoods feature on achieving optimal results with watercolors from the spring 2008 issue of Watercolor magazine.

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